Christmas In Aspen – Aspen Nightlife

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Aspen, Colorado is a great place to spend your
Christmas vacation. You can spend your days
on the slopes, and your nights taking advantage
of all of the planned Christmas activities, as
well as the usual Aspen nightlife.
No matter
what your interests are, there is always
something to do in Aspen.

During the Christmas season,
“Its A Wonderful Life” is presented at the
Wheeler Opera House. Santa’s Village can be
found in Snowmass Village and you will hear
carolers there as well. White Elephant Parties
are common Christmas activities, and you can
even enjoy the Aspen Film festival.

The Holiday Torchlight Parade in Snowmass
village is a sight to behold. Make sure that you
don’t miss this! You can even participate in
this parade! There are many Christmas arts
and crafts programs offered around Aspen
that your children will love to participate in as
well. Make plans to attend the Winter
Wonderland Christmas Party at the Aspen
Recreation Center also.

For the ultimate Christmas adventure, make
sure that you get in on the sledding and hot
chocolate festivities and go for a sleigh ride as
well. Christmas in Aspen is a very magical time
of the year, and you should plan to spend at
least one Christmas vacation here. Plan to
stay at Snowmass.

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Be Breakfast-Pretty

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A guide to at-home facials and skin-friendly processes

After a stressful day, take some time to relax. Put on some scented candles, put your feet up and tune up Norah Jones on your stereo. Take deep breaths as if they’re the last ones you have. Stress is already the second strongest killer in the medical field. Stress can lead to a lot of complications later on. So while it’s early, learn to combat stress by feeling good and keeping beautiful.

If you know how to cook, you might consider the kitchen “the heart of your home”. However, if you’re the kind of person who is always outside, it’s safe to say your heart is not really in your home. Maybe you’re out partying, socializing and (darn! ) working. That’s not so hard to imagine if your home is usually connected with clutter and some work. Change that image! Start prettifying in your home and make it your own Beauty Mecca.

Here are some at-home skin-spoiling masks and creams to help you maintain that youthful glow.


The egg is composed of two parts: the egg white and the egg yolk. You’re lucky both can be used as facial masks raw!

First, let’s tackle the egg white. Separate carefully the egg white from the yolk after you’ve broken the egg shell. Next, beat the egg white until it’s foamy. Spread it all over your face in a circular motion. Avoid touching your eyes during the process. Wait until the egg white hardens on your face. You will feel a tightening of your skin after 15-20 minutes. After that, wash the egg white off your face and pat your skin dry.

Also, if you have oily skin, it is advised that you add a few drops of lemon juice into the egg white mixture. It will help minimize the oil on your face. However, if your skin is oily, do not add lemon juice. It will only irritate your skin.

Next, let’s tackle the egg yolk. The egg yolk is actually very high in Vitamin A. It helps in the “healing” of your blemishes. Just apply the yolk to your face in the same manner that you applied the egg white. Wait for 30 minutes for it to dry. Wash with warm water and pat your skin dry.

Though it may smell a bit, many experts actually swear by this technique. Eggs are better off as skin spoilers than food. At least you don’t get fat when you spread it on your face!


Experts advise using oatmeal for trouble-prone or acne-prone skin. This breakfast wonder is actually famous for its gentle exfoliating features. First, clean your face with water and facial wash. Never use soap as they are not designed for the skin on the face. Next, wash your face with warm water and follow it up with hot compresses (using a washcloth). Moisten pinches of oatmeal until it looks like paste and use it to scrub your face. Again, avoid the area around your eyes. Wash off with cool water to close pores.

You may also use the oatmeal as a facial mask. Just repeat the process mentioned in the preceding paragraph but instead of washing the oatmeal paste away, let it stay on your face until it dries.

You are highly encouraged to use natural ingredients in taking care of your skin. Remember that our skin is like a sponge. It absorbs everything that we put in it. In this case, if you are confident about the things that you put on your skin, then everything will go just right.

There have been countless positive feedbacks about these home-made masks. Try them! Breakfast will mean a lot more than a morning meal to you now!

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Christmas Gift Baskets Can Be A Great Gift Idea

Christmas Time
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If you’ve been searching for the perfect Christmas gift for someone on your holiday shopping list, gift baskets can be both fun to give and to receive. As the holiday season nears, consider making a Christmas gift basket to stand out from all the other gifts under the tree. This is fun to put together and even more fun to give. With just a bit of thought and planning, the gift basket idea will be accepted by others thinking “I wish I would have thought of that!

After giving out Christmas gift baskets for a couple of years, you may find that you have started a new trend among your family and friends. The next Christmas might be filled with all kinds of Christmas gift baskets. This is a great idea because when someone puts together a gift basket, they add a personal touch to it by taking generic gifts and showing that some thought and effort went into it.

When you think about it, Christmas isn’t about toys or clothes or pretty shiny diamonds, is it? Okay, everything but the shiny diamonds. Christmas is, however, a special day that brings family and friends together. Christmas has for sometime now been about materialism and not religious activities, lending to over spending during the Christmas holiday. Giving a gift basket is a subtle little way of saying how much you care for others while sticking within your budget.

Things to Avoid

When deciding to put together a Christmas gift basket for your family or friends, don’t give items of a religious nature unless you are certain of the beliefs of those who will be receiving the Christmas gift basket. Giving something that you consider appropriate might offend someone else and it could even stop a relationship cold, possibly forever.

Also, if you’re strongly considering a Christmas gift basket, think about the amount of money that you want to spend. You can easily go overboard when you put in five things in a basket and add the cost of packaging and bows. Add the price of each item including tax and the basket itself. When deciding what to put in a basket, only add personal items if its for family or close friends.

Remember, giving a gift basket isn’t calculus. Just take a little time to think about the gift and keep the price in check while at the same time personalizing it for the person it is intended for. A Christmas gift basket is a wonderful way for you to say Merry Christmas to others while adding a personal touch. Why not start early this year and have fun making baskets this Christmas?

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Notting hill carnival 24-25 august 2008

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Originally set up by members of the West Indian community, The Notting Hill Carnival started on 1965 and since then it has grown so much that today is the World’s second largest street festival.

Every year more than 1 million people are expected to dance and join the Caribbean rhythm and soul of this particular Carnival. It is split over the Sunday and Monday Bank Holiday and although it may sound weird, Sunday crowds will not be as dense as on Monday.

In fact Sunday’s Carnival is also known as “Children’s Day” and has a far greater emphasis on family but there are loads of kids on both days enjoying the bright colours of the floats and the dancers’ feathered costumes.

Of course, music is the soul of the Festival and you will be entertained with an eclectic mix of Soca, Funk, Reggae, Dub, Steel Bands, Calypso filling the air of any place in the district! Most of the music is played on live stages with the great participation of local bands and international artists and musicians! Giant sound systems and steel bands are joined by over a million revellers of all ages into Europe’s biggest street party. It’s a huge area, and can get very crowded. Nearest tube stations like Ladbroke Grove Tube or Westbourne Park Tube may be closed or running skeleton journeys. Be prepared for an exhausting day out, but if you love a party, Carnival remains the absolute highlight of the London summer! The best time to arrive is around midday, in fact things start to cool off at about 7pm.

The epicenter of the 2-days Carnival is the Parade with groups from all around the world showing off their fantastic costumes and performing along the 3-miles long route through Notting Hill’s major streets. The procession route is along Great Western Road, Chepstow Road, Westbourne Grove and Ladbroke Grove. There will be plenty of occasions to get a real taste of what Caribbean is…from music, to dances , costumes and food! Try the delicacies on the stalls that literally pave the streets.

One of the best things you can do to help you survive the day, is to get info of the nearest bus and Tube services in the area. Allow plenty of time to leave the area. It may be slow moving through the crowds, some exit routes may be closed, and you may need to walk quite a long way to get to a Tube or bus station which is open. Also check the maps on the carnival websites for the location of toilets and be very careful with your belongings, For more information, visit the official website:

For suitable accommodations in the area, we suggest the following youth hostels: Smart Camden Inn hostel, Smart Hide Park Inn hostel and the Smart hide Park View hostel. They all offer quality accommodations for the budget traveller in dormitories, but they also have nice and quite family rooms or private ensuite rooms. Prices starts from as cheap as 21 euros per person with breakfast. The location is just perfect as it is central and well served in terms of public transportation. It will be very easy for you to reach any place in London! Another good place is the extravagant Clink Hostel set in a former courthouse, the hostel offers such modern amenities as high-tech pod beds, equipped with reading lights and personal lockers, an internet café with wi-fi, a brand new kitchen and secure key-card access to every room. The avant-garde of London hostels, the Clink is centrally located in the up and coming vibrant neighbourhood of King’s Cross. Rates from only 25 euros per person per night.

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Traditions And New Things To Do This Christmas

Traditions And New Things To Do This Christmas

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Christmas is the happiest seasons of the world in which almost people love to celebrate. As a matter of fact, everyone is busy preparing for their gifts and Christmas carols. Additionally, this season is also the one of the best for this time you will express your love and gratitude to every person around you. Aside from that, this is the only season that love is being felt everywhere. Of course, this is the season of thanksgiving for everybody. That is why when the Christmas season is fast approaching, almost are looking forward for preparing new things especially for the activities they have to do once it come. Somehow, there are various traditions that some people follow in celebration of the Christmas season.
If can’t think of something new things to do this Christmas here are several tips and suggestions that you can apply in the real settings. Since the Christmas season is celebrating more time with your family and friends, you can develop simple Christmas traditions as well as new things to do during this time.
 One month prior to the Christmas holiday, gather all your family members and discuss with them the things that all of you would like to do. Like for example, list all the things that you want to do during Christmas day. The activities you want to plan. And the decorations you want to create in your place. Additionally, carefully plan of how long would you celebrate with your family the Christmas season. Of course, consider the budget you have so that you will not have problems with your financial status.
 You can create customized holiday cards for your family members and friends. You can also indicate your simple and loving message to them. Try to make it special because this is the only time that you will express your gratitude as well as you love to them even in a written form.
 When Christmas Eve is approaching, you can have special holiday games with your family members. Like for example, playing something that is enjoyable. It depends on how you will think of the gaming idea as long as it is full of fun and excitement that truly unforgettable.
 You can also play any of your special music. All you have to do is ask every member of your family to play your favorite holiday. Choose them and store at your CD rack then play it for 1 week.
 Collect your children’s wishes during the Christmas season by asking them to write a Santa’s letter. Then you can provide another copy of these letters at the same time keep the extra letter in a treasure box.
 You can also spend time with your family for a short walk while viewing your neighborhood Christmas lights are going to recreational parks wherein there are programs intended for the Christmas holiday.
These new things to do for Christmas holiday are parts of plenty things that you can think about. Of course, you can plan it yourself some unique things you can have. Furthermore, if you traditional family gatherings for Christmas day you can preserve it and adopt something new traditions in your country. In other words, it depends on your preference how you can spend your Christmas holiday in an unforgettable manner. Bear in mind that Christmas season comes only annually so make sure that you have planned it carefully prior to its celebration so that you don’t experience Christmas rush. Lastly, include also in your plan for activities any Thanksgiving for your friends and significant other as well as to the Lord Almighty.

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