How A PDA With GPS Capabilities Saved Christmas

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Being stranded at the airport for the holidays is no fun at all. Especially when you have a suitcase full of toys for your kids and the next flight isn’t for another twelve hours! You have two options. You can either spend the rest of the day in the terminal, or you could rent a car and drive home, which will only take you seven hours. You have your PDA which has a GPS navigation system built-in and your laptop.

You rent the car and get to spend the next day with your family, thanks to accurate directions provided by your palm GPS. The Garmin IQUE 3000 PDA/GPS is great for business travelers and for those who need an electronic day planner. With full mapping capabilities, you will be able to find the fastest and shortest directions quickly and easily. If you make a wrong turn, you will be redirected without incident. Finding your way in strange cities and towns has never been easier.

In addition to providing all the regular services of a PDA including address retrieval, note taking, and calendar options, this PDA can also give you six million points of interest that you will find convenient when looking for a hotel, gas station, ATM, or restaurant. You will be able to retrieve addresses from your address book or you can download maps from the CD that comes standard with the GPS system.

Complete with headphone jack, memory card, and rechargeable lithium battery, you will be able to travel all over the world and download directions that will be needed for safe travel.

If you are looking for a little more in your PDA/GPS navigational system, why not try the Garmin IQUE M3 Pocket PC. This device is perfect for the home office or when driving. You will be able to find driving directions for most of the highways in North America and you will also be able to download additional maps when necessary.

With Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Explorer, you will be able to use this GPS as a PC. Enjoy sending instant messages, listening to music, or writing notes with ease. There are many office functions that you can do from your car or while traveling.

When driving, you can use the turn-by-turn voice system that gives you accurate driving directions every time. This unit also has six million points of interest that will help you out if you need it or you can create your own list of interesting locations by using the POI loader software. This will make finding your favorite restaurant much easier. You will never have to write down directions or location names again.

So rather than being stranded in the airport or stuck in traffic during the holidays, you can use your PDA/GPS navigational system to tell family and friends you are on your way. Whether you are twenty minutes away or five hours, you not have to miss another holiday ever again due to inclimate weather, traffic, or poor directions.

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The Magic Of Costumes

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I’m convinced that people of all ages love everything make believe. We are fascinated with what we are not and with what we could be. We love to be swept away into stories other than our own. We go to movies, see live plays, and read novels to keep us dreaming. Costumes are one of the key elements that escort us into make believe no matter how young or old we are.

Think about it, from the time we were little we celebrated a holiday called Halloween by shopping for or having our mothers make us the perfect costumes. Having the right costumes was the biggest deal. We got to wear them to school and show off to our teachers and friends and we got to parade around our neighborhoods and display our costumes proudly to everyone we saw. We loved to dress up as princesses, ghosts, or our favorite characters from cartoons. Putting on our prized costumes meant much more than putting on an outfit. With our costumes we put on an entirely different identity so that we didn’t just dress up as a princess but we really became one. We actually became our favorite cartoon characters and our favorite good and bad guys.

The older children get, the less interested they are in celebrating Halloween with great costumes, but they love make believe just as much. Teens and adults get our fill of make believe through television, movies, plays and even books. Costumes are an important part of each of these avenues of imagination.

When reading a novel we picture the costumes and clothing that each character wears. We begin to identify certain characters by the costumes we clothe them in. We go to a film or a play and are fascinated with the costumes that allow each actor or actress to become the character they are playing. Great costumes and great acting allow us to forget that the eighty year old grandma we’re watching is actually are favorite thirty-five year old actor with a weird dress and a whole lot of makeup.

If you have ever seen a live play then you know the vital role that costumes play in making any production what it is. Can you imagine seeing the Lion King on Broadway without any costumes? Of course not! How would you know what actors are supposed to be which animal or how would you tell the difference between the young and old lions? It is the use of amazing, detailed, colorful costumes that allow live shows to transport us into other worlds.

Costumes of all kinds are magical. Whether we are three or eighty three, we love dressing up and watching others dress up. We love seeing our worlds expanded into new worlds filled with the make believe or magical worlds.

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Using Credit Cards Limits For Quick Loans

Many people will seek out loans to pay for Christmas gifts or to buy a variety of items throughout the year.
Instead of financing the items with a personal loan from a lending institution, some people prefer to obtain credit cards that are equipped with a generous credit limit. The terms for repaying the loan will vary by Credit Card Company but many provide credit card limits provide 6 months of interest free cash that can be spent anyway a person wants.

Using credit limits for petty cash purchases can be risky and costly. Most people are not able to track when credit card payments are due and find that when they exceed the due date by one day, they are placing their credit rating in jeopardy. The interest rate can go from zero to 29.5 overnight because the fine print in the credit card agreement gives them the right to make that increase. The zero interest rate is good for six months only if all the terms of the credit card agreement are complied with. The floating loans will take a deep dive that some people cannot recover from.

If handled responsibly, a quick loan using cash from a credit card limit can help avoid fees, and if the credit card offers cash back on all purchases, many people find that they are able to make money by using the credit limits to make their home mortgage payments. Some people will save cash when they shop for clothing and household appliances through an online point redemption center. Every dollar spent from the credit card credit limit can earn points that can be redeemed for cash, or other household items and gift cards to reduce restaurant bills.

People with bad credit histories apply for credit cards to reestablish a good payment history. The credit limits are generally issued with a credit limit of $300 but some offer credit up to $1000. This type of credit limit can be used to pay off old debts and get home finances back on track. With a 6-month low interest rate in the agreement for the credit card, it will give the homeowner time to get debts organized to a more manageable level.

The monthly payments for credit cards issued to people with bad credit ratings will be lower than expected. Most credit card payments can be orchestrated using the automatic payment systems, and can be paid off earlier if the person is committed to making more than the minimum monthly payment listed. With consistent on-time payments, a person will build a solid credit history that will earn them an increase on their credit rating. Some people will raise the credit limit to an amount large enough to use as a down payment on a new automobile.

The interest rates for credit cards are much lower than title loans or payday loans. People will consider the credit card limits as a way to get the things that they want in life in a quicker turnaround period than if they had saved up the money over time. The monthly payments are merely a means to an end and while they are waiting for the credit card balance to return to zero, they feel that they can enjoy the things that they purchased with the credit card monies in the meantime.

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Sweet 16 Birthday Party

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The 16th Birthday for most young girls is a very special birthday. It is one that should be made memorable and there are many ways in which this can be accomplished. If you are like many moms and dads out there you might be a bit challenged is to exactly how to make that birthday stand out above and beyond the rest, especially in light of what seems to be competing and often escalating birthday celebrations. Keep reading for some excellent birthday party ideas to make your daughter’s day shine.

While there are many friends that your daughter will have and many Sweet 16 parties she will attend you want to make her birthday party a little bit unique. For this reason there are several party ideas that will be mentioned below. You can elaborate on one theme or mix and match a few themes that capture your attention. Regardless any of these themes should be a little something special to make the day, or evening, a special event full of fond memories for your teen.

Throw a masquerade ball. This allows everyone to dress in costumes, dance, drink punch, and have a ball, figuratively of course. This can be a lot of fun and you can even have those in attendence make their own masks for the grand event even if you choose not to use costumes and go a little less formal. Use plenty of balloons to set the stage and make the evening quite an event.

You can have a spa event for an all girls sweet 16. This event would include having facials, pedicures, makeovers, and a great chick flick for the evening, followed, of course by copious amounts of Haagen-Dazs(r). A great way to do this is by approaching your favorite home party plan representative from a company such as Mary Kay or Beauty Control for the spa portion of the party (be sure to invite parents and have friends bring money to buy their favorite products). It’s a great way to get a makeover inexpensively and learn about proper application of cosmetics and which colors suit your needs.

If these ideas aren’t appealing, how about a Surf’s Up Sweet 16? Even if you aren’t near a beach you may discover that you can bring the feeling of the beach to your own back yard. Be sure to have surfboards to set the theme and plenty of tikki types of decorations and some excellent surfing music. You could take the event one step further and make it a luau. Use your imagination and make it an event to remember.

Make your Sweet 16 a Red Carpet Event. This is a great idea for a birthday party. It allows all your friends to make a grand entrance, that you can record with a video or digital camera in their beautiful dresses (you can go semiformal if finances are a concern), and can make great scrapbooks that everyone can take home if you have a computer, scanner, and printer at home. Don’t forget to create Oscar worthy goodie bags with great little gifts from the local party supply store or Bath and Body works. It’s a lot of fun as far as parties go and may be a little something new and different among friends.

There really is no one way that is right or wrong for celebrating your daughter’s Sweet 16. The important thing is that you create a budget and plan your party theme to fit within the scope of your budget. Even with limited funds you can have an excellent birthday bash for your teen on her sixteenth. The ideas above are a great place to start. Hopefully you will take one of these ideas and make it your own or at the very least have jump-started a few new and different ideas to add to your growing list of hits, near hits, and misses. You may just have the one hit that will make your daughter’s eyes light up.



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Don’t Jump! You CAN Stage The Ultimate Children’s Party!

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Organising a kids party is great fun!

No, wait! Come back! I’ll explain…

How many times have you dropped your kids off at a party, only to witness chaos as soon as the door is opened by a hassled mother whose eyes are begging you to take her away from all of this and put her out of her misery?

Behind her, two kids are swinging from the light fittings; another pair are tearing up the carpet, presumably trying to find a hidden entrance to the magical world of Narnia; and the rest are deeply engrossed in a who-can-stuff-the-most-hamsters-into-your-mouth contest.

It needn’t be like that…

The only reason that kids parties dissolve into little sessions of anarchy is boredom – and that, dear parent, is all down to you.

“But, I tried so hard!”, I hear you cry. Yes, you probably did: lots of crisps, a big cake, and plenty of balloons.

The thing is, you broke the number one rule of kids parties. The rule that you must obey at all costs, unless you want your house destroyed by a legion of little monsters…


Here’s a secret: kids hate the game. Even if they once enjoyed it, they’ve played it at every birthday, Christmas and end of school party they’ve ever been to.

Plus, you’re the one who has to cope with a dozen or more bored kids careering round the edges of the room while two determined finalists battle is out for that final seat.

That leads me nicely to rule number two:


If you play games that keep all the kids involved from start to finish, you’ve got their attention – and when you’ve got their attention, they aren’t scratching their name into the varnish of your dining table. Simple, really.

Here are a few more tried and tested party laws:


Aside from the ones that are there to help, parents get in the way. Plus, their kids won’t really start to enjoy themselves until their figure of authority has gone.


Not only will you remember who everyone is, they also help quieter children to break the ice, and you can write everything from parent’s mobile phone numbers to special dietary requirements on them, thus avoiding needless stress.

See how easy it can be?


It’s the 21st century. A few party poppers and re-lighting candles just don’t do it anymore. A party theme gets the kids excited from the moment they receive their invitation, and gives you something to do on the big day as they start to arrive. The early kids can make extra bits of costume or help with last minute decorations while they’re waiting for their friends to turn up.

Then, run the party in this order:


It may seem cruel to the party child, but always leave the opening of the presents to the end of the party to avoid gifts getting broken or lost in the fun. And if you get the kids running wild after they’ve had food, you’re just asking for trouble!

That’s all there is to it. Follow those six simple rules, and you’ll enjoy the party almost as much as your kids. Plus, you’ll be considered a hero at the school gates on Monday morning!

And remember to have fun! It is a party after all!

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