Christmas Craft For Holiday Family Gathering

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In many countries, it is a long-held tradition to gather with the family during the days leading to Christmas to make Christmas crafts.
As early as the 18th century, society women gathered with their friends to make Christmas crafts. They made, among other things, such items as small Christmas stars and paper packages, which could contain sugar almonds and other delicacies.

Family gatherings at the holidays are a combination of celebrating the new and remembering the old. The families share their different holiday greetings, memories and dreams for one another and themselves as they reflect and celebrate life. A delightful Christmas craft to make for your next holiday greeting are holiday photo coasters. These easy to make Christmas crafts are a delightful way to decorate your holiday table, use for place card holders and share images from holidays gone by.

The first step to take when making this easy to make Christmas craft is to gather photos of each family member, if possible gather picture of visits with Santa, Christmas morning and kids under the Christmas tree. Using the old and new photos for Christmas décor is a great way to combine the magic of the holiday both for the young and the old. Children love to see childhood pictures of their mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Seeing their relatives in the same childhood situations as they are experiencing make the idea of their parents as children much more real. In addition, these delightful childhood photographs will bring up fun and interesting stories of childhood memories for the older relatives that the children might not have ever heard before.

The next step is to gather the supplies and equipment necessary to make these Christmas crafts. To make Christmas crafts such as photo coasters, you will need 1/8” Plexiglas cut into 3 ½ “ square, allowing two squares per coaster. You will need to make copies of the different Christmas photos that you gathered, making sure not to damage the original copies. You will also need 3/8” foil tape and self adhesive felt circles. The process of creating each holiday coaster is very easy. Clean all the squares of Plexiglas; making sure that each is dry prior to production. Crop the photo to fit into the square, writing names and dates on the back of each photo as you go. Position the photo exactly as you want it to appear within the coaster when completed, and then cover with the second square.

Hold the squares firmly together using small binder clips to make sure that neither the photo nor the squares move. Holding the square firmly in your palm, slightly peel the foil tape and begin to apply it to the square, moving slowly wrapping it around the front and back Plexiglas square equally, removing each binder clip as you attach the foil tape. Smooth the tape and slowly keep working your way around the square, smoothing the corners as you move along. When you reach the end corner, make sure that the tape is smoothed out, using a wooden spoon handle to help remove any air bubbles that might remain. When done, attach four felt circles just under the inside corners of the photograph.

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A Leader Should Be Willing To Take Responsibilities

Who would forget the ever-famous line of Peter Parker’s grandfather, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The society expects Spiderman, a comic book, TV, and movie superhero, to be responsible for saving his town, or even the world, in some instances, from evil because he has super powers.

From all the episodes he appeared in, he never let us down. With the power he possesses, he makes sure to be responsible in using it for the good of the people around him.

Leadership is not at all different from being superheroes. Yes, you may not have super powers like Superman and Spiderman, but you have the authority to lead other people towards success. This is so much greater and stronger since it is a power that can be used by real people in this real world.

Hence, being a leader requires great sense of responsibility, the second quality a successful leader should attain.

The power to lead your people towards aiming your vision comes with responsibilities like making sure they are on the right direction, being aware of each and everyone’s tasks and mistakes, and putting them back on the right track when they get lost.

Who said it is easy to be a leader? Well, it is not…It comes with tons of responsibilities. True leaders are willing to accept them all.

There are instances where sometimes it makes us feel better to blame somebody or something else when something goes wrong in a task. However, this should not be practiced, especially by a good leader!

A leader should take full responsibility of a task – not just before he accepts to take it, but also after it has been accomplished. As much as he is responsible for his team’s success, he should also be responsible for any failure. He represents the whole team so whatever happens to it, he is the one responsible.

Making excuses and blaming something or someone else for failed jobs is not a quality of a good leader. What he should do, instead, is to accept the fact that something went wrong with the organization, even if it is not his fault. It is normal to make mistakes. In fact, mistakes are opportunities to learn something better. As a leader, he must ensure that the team members learn from these mistakes and that these errors will not be repeated next time.

You may not have full control over other people and are not expected to have full control over their actions, but you have full control of your own reactions. Knowing what to do over unexpected and unpredictable situations will make you responsible, hence giving you the feeling of power.

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Tips For Planning A Christmas Ski Vacation

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Christmas is the perfect time to plan a ski vacation. It’s the peak of winter in most countries and the ski slopes are covered with snow. A white Christmas, the family all together, ski slopes to conquer by day and a warm fire in a ski chalet to look forward to at night; a Christmas ski vacation is the perfect way for any family to spend the Christmas holidays.

Choosing a Ski Resort

Ski slopes in different countries offer very different skiing experiences. In fact, it’s safe to say that no two ski vacations at different ski resorts could ever be the same. Some ski slopes are meant for very experienced skiers whereas others, which have gentler slopes, are more appropriate for beginners. Ski resorts that offer a variety of slopes of different complexities are best for families with smaller kids.

Your budget is a major factor in deciding which ski resort you and your family choose to spend your Christmas vacation in. A ski-resort is by no means a cheap Christmas vacation idea. Ski resorts vary in their prices and many have peak-season and off-season rates. However, do keep in mind that Christmas is peak season at any ski-resort and their prices are likely to be steepest at this time.

Despite the high prices, all ski resorts almost all over the world are likely to be fully booked during the Christmas holidays, so you need to make your plans much, much in advance. Doing a search on the internet is the best way to find different ski resorts and to compare the different packages they offer. Remember the earlier you start your search, the more choices you will have to avail of. Short list a few ski resorts that suit your needs and contact them to clarify other queries you may have. Once you’ve found the perfect ski resort that meets all your requirements and is also within your budget you may want to consider paying a down payment in order to book the requisite number of rooms for your family.

It’s never too soon to start looking for you’re the perfect ski resort. Commencing your search a year in advance will give you a head start over all other families who have the same Christmas vacation plans.

Looking for Santa Claus at the ski resort

While looking for the perfect ski resort, don’t forget what this vacation is really all about. A Christmas ski vacation needs to combine the skiing fun with the spirit of Christmas. Without it, the vacation will end up being just a family skiing vacation, fun, but not Christmassy.

When making your enquiries, expand your search to include the Christmas options in and around the area. Find out if there are any community activities that your family can participate in, even if it is in the town around the resort and not in the resort itself.

Also, you may want to consider taking along stockings and stocking stuffers for the whole family. While carrying gigantic gifts for the children is downright inconvenient, stockings filled with little gifts are an ideal way of carrying the spirit of Christmas everywhere you go.

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King Bartholomew and the Jester’s Riddle – Book Review

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King Bartholomew and the Jester’s Riddle by Pina Mastromonaco is a wonderful, fun book with a humor level perfect for children aged four to eight. Entertaining riddles entice readers to try to guess the answer while enjoying the tale.

Childlike King Bartholomew is obsessed with toys and solving riddles. The chubby, balding King learns to balance play and work time so that he can take responsible care of his land and citizens, yet still enjoy a playful life. The moral-of-the-story is not laid on thick – it is lightly applied so it will be easily accepted by young children. Teachers, librarians and caretakers will enjoy reading this pleasant book to children who like to play rather than accomplish chores or school assignments.

The illustrator, David Martin, is extremely accomplished and very gifted. Each page is filled with incredible detail that reveals more the longer one gazes at them. Many illustrations some form of nature included from the fantastically sculpted bushes, an array of birds and a maze of hedges with a big ‘B’ in the center (B – for King Bartholomew). Richly colored clothes and hilarious costumes for the jester and the King’s servants prove to add an interesting twist to this fun-loving book.”

ISBN#: 0974430714
Author: Pina Mastromonaco
Illustrations: David Martin
Publisher: Merry Lane Press

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A Lighted Christmas Tree For the Holidays

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Have you ever wondered how the tradition of cutting down a fir or pine tree, and attaching lights and ornaments to it came about? Well, according to various online sources, fir trees were not brought inside at Christmas time until the 16th century in Germany and England, and not until much later to America. Many other traditional holiday customs, including images of Santa Claus, holiday songs, hand blown glass ornaments, and the lighting of the Christmas tree originated in Europe as well. The legend of the latter is that Martin Luther originated the tradition of decorating trees in celebration of Christmas, by bringing a small fir tree indoors and decorating it with lighted candles in honor of Christ’s birth. This practice slowly spread across Europe and came to the United States as immigrants brought their Christmas traditions with them.

Today, everyone has a lighted Christmas tree, and it certainly wouldn’t be Christmas without it! You can go out and pick your tree, cut it down yourself or buy one that’s already pre-cut. Bring it home and put your lights and decorations on and there you have it, or you can choose a pre-lighted artificial tree from any number of local and online retailers. Lowe’s and Home Depot have a nice selection of pre-lit Christmas trees in all sizes and styles that require minimal set up. The advantage to purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree is that you don’t have to mess with untangling the light strands every season, just to get yourself tangled back up with them while getting dizzy going around tree placing them just right on the tree! That’s what makes it fun though, wouldn’t you agree? Put on some holiday music, and enjoy some tasty beverages with family members as you decorate the tree.

Let’s not forget the natural trees in your yard that make beautiful, stunning lighted Christmas tree displays during the holiday season. Use solid colored lights or multi-colored strands that are available in various sizes to illuminate the trees in glowing color. Of course, make sure that the lights are safe to use outdoors, and use water-proof power supply cords. Enjoy a safe holiday season with family and friends while celebrating old traditions and discovering new favorites. This is a time of year to rekindle relationships and spend time with our loved ones, sit around the Christmas tree, open gifts, and of course, indulge in decadent holiday treats and feasts that everyone looks forward to! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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